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Professional immersion for immigrants

The "internship" in-business program for immigrant clients is the result of a partnership between:     

A network of insertion agencies (including the CLAM)
The Montreal Regional Directorate of Employment - Quebec City

Immersion programs for immigrant clients consist of job search assistance activities in the area of foreign-acquired numbers by the immigrant. At the end of the job search, the candidate begins a period of professional immersion in the company, lasting up to about six months (maximum). During this period, the employee is subject to the company's rules and working conditions. The new recruit receives financial assistance equal to a percentage of the salary paid to the new recruit. The PRIIME MIXTE project is therefore a springboard for the acquisition of a first experience in the company paving the way for the candidate to remain in a regular position after the immersion period.

Business eligibility criteria:

This project is aimed at very small, medium and large companies with a NEQ register (Quebec Enterprise Number).
Have the ability to offer the candidate an effective job with the prospect of maintaining it at the end of the professional immersion activity.     
Identify a sponsor within your company to provide guidance to the candidate.
Contribute to the final evaluation of the candidate and the project.

Benefits for businesses:

Access to a large pool of quality applications.
Reference of CVs and/or candidates selected according to the needs and requirements of the company.
Partial salary subsidy (subject to eligibility of the company and the candidate.
Followed by a single advisor.
Support in the management of cultural diversity, if necessary.
Simplicity of how candidates contribute to the company is assessed.

For more information contact: Abdellatif Chawki, by phone (514) 271 8207 post 233, or email:

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