Employability and placement service

The "employability" service's mission is to encourage socio-professional integration by welcoming immigrant labour and to facilitate its adaptation to labour market requirements. Our service offers a set of professional services, fast and completely free: including evaluation of transferable competency profiles, councelling in employment, production of job search tools, resume, letter of presentation and business card, among others.

Recognition and development of experiences for recent immigrants

This project is a springboard in professional integration. It consists of developing the professional profile of each participant and his support by a mentor. This project is the result of reflections on the difficulties of social integration and integration into the labour market faced by newcomers to Quebec. These problems include: Difficulty for new immigrants to promote and recognize experience gained abroad;      Lack of Canadian experience;      The lack of knowledge of the reality of the labour market, its issues, the complexity and its peculiarities.

The aim of this project is to address all the difficulties mentioned and to enable new immigrants to integrate better into the host society. For this reason, this project is aimed at a small clientele among newcomers or recent immigrants. It takes place over a period of 5 months, during which participants will follow a 3-month training activity, following a 1-month internship in the company.

The project focuses on a framework that allows participants to benefit from information, advice and support activities in order to enable them, on the one hand, to promote and recognize their experience, and on the other hand, to be able to also gain Canadian experience. This dual dynamic is a perspective so that participants can overcome the difficulties inherent in returning to the labour market.

Throughout the project, participants received the help and advice of a professional sponsor, retired and with expertise in the same professional field and a 1-month internship in each participant's field of activity allowing them to mandates for different companies.

Occupational immersion for immigrants

This immersion internship program for new immigrants includes job search assistance in the area of their acquired skills.

This project is aimed at newcomers who have difficulty finding a job in his field due to the lack of Experience in Quebec.

Employment - Quebec offers financial compensation to the employer who hires those enrolled in the employment-integration wage subsidy program.

The company receives assistance commensurate with a percentage of the salary paid to the new recruit.

The candidate begins a period of activity in the company lasting from 3 to 6 months, during this probationary period, the candidate is subject to the rules and working conditions of the company.

This project creates an open door for newcomers, in order to allow them to live a first experience in business opening the way to keep the candidate in a regular position after the immersion internship period.

Eligibility criteria for job seekers to the "internship" project for immersion in a company:

Be an immigrant, resident or refugee under the newly arrived agreement in Quebec (for 5 years or less)

Be a resident of the Montreal metropolitan area

Having done his job search workshop (MDRE)

Never having worked or received training in his field of expertise in Quebec

For more information contact: Abdellatif Chawki, by phone (514) 271 8207 post 233, or email: clamemploi@yahoo.ca

Job search workshop

The aim of this workshop is to provide newcomers with research tools to integrate them into the labour market. It includes several methods and strategies to facilitate the job seeker's career such as: job market, job search techniques, self-knowledge, summary writing, labour laws and interview simulation.

This training lasts 6 weeks of follow-up from Monday to Friday.

Eligibility criteria:

Be a permanent resident or convention refugee (for less than 5 years);

Be motivated and available for the duration of the Workshop;

Have a sufficient level of French to actively participate in the Workshop and do the job search independently.

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