Social activities

Family activities at CLAM

This project aims to better integrate newcomers for a better harmonisation between family and work life.

Group activities

The organization of collective activities is an important component of the mission of the CLAM. Immigrants face many challenges such as familiarization with language, culture, customs, political or legal institutions, etc. The programming of such collective activities allows our organization to facilitate the integration of immigrants into their new host society.

Conversation club

With the conversation club, participants are allowed to develop their french speaking skills. In a friendly atmosphere that respects each other's rhythm, they learn to give credibility to their message, to manage their stress and nervousness when they have to speak in public. Quickly, the person's self-confidence improves considerably. To encourage and guarantee this process of integration, the CLAM amplifies interpersonal relationships by arranging meetings between foster society and immigrants.

On the other hand, while the conversation club is aimed at all immigrants, it is a component that particularly benefits immigrant families because this activity can be carried out, among other things, between a host family and an immigrant family. The activities aim to improve the knowledge of the host society and the rapprochement with the French-speaking community of Quebec by building links, exchanges and affiliations.


The CLAM offers volunteer services in different sectors with our own groups.

We helped our clients build a first Quebec experience through volunteering. Like what:

  • Tennis Canada: Rogers Men's Cup and Rogers Women's Cup

  • At the Montreal Snow Festival (City of Montreal)

  • At Montreal Children's Day

  • The Tour of the Island of Montreal

  • At the Quebec City Winter Carnival

  • At the World Film Festival

  • At the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art

In Conversation Clubs
To make translations

  • Etc.

We are always looking for a volunteer whether you are a quebécois or a newcomer. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer in our CLAM or external activities, email us at the

We invite you to work with us!

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